BIP® – Built In Purify

Technology that creates the market’s highest and purest quality of gas

The patented BIP® technology is an self-contained purificationn system that consists of a specially designed valve and purifier bed. The BIP® system purifies gas at high pressure to achieve lower levels of impurities exactly and provide the market’s highest and purest gasq quality.

BIP® gases are perfect for a variety of other applications where gas purity is very important, for example as a portable gas in gas chromatography (GC) where they improve the analytical thoroughness, reduce noise in the baseline and give lower detection limits. Helium, nitrogen, hydrogen, and argon with extremely high cleanliness are often used in laboratories, and they are all accessible with BIP® technology.

Legislation and tough competion have led to increased demand for increasingly exact and reliable analyses of a broad spectrum of complex chemical compounds. BIP® gases have contamination levels as low as 10ppb total hydrocarbon, 10ppb oxygen and 20ppb moisture which means that BIP® gases give the lowest level of contamination that exists on the market.

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